C'ing Your Way Clear: Every Woman's Guide to Handling Life's Storms
Tests and trials - we all have them. It's not the test, it's our performance that counts. Hear how every day women have faced a challenge in their lives and overcome it. This book offers tips and ideas to teach us that in the midst of a storm we can be more than a survivor but an achiever; that we can be free and no longer bound.

Experience the stories of women facing personal challenges that took them to some dark places -- addiction, incest, unexpected death of a spouse, illness, teenage pregnancy, care of an aging parent and more...

This book will encourage us all to:

~ Realize that God has the power to help us IF we ask
~ Recognize that we can't live victoriously if we live in fear
~ Create a vision for our lives, get a plan and make it happen!
~ Give thanks in all situations

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