Choose2Change - You have the Power!
What have you been thinking about doing but talked yourself out of?

Return to school
Change your career
Start a business
Buy a house
Volunteer in your community

There's no better time than now to act. If not now, when? The choice is yours so Choose2Change.
Check out these resources - do something different, try something new.....
Go Back to School
Education - your valuable resource. What are your waiting on?

 Get my high school diploma -
Learn a new vocation or trade -
Return or attend college

Change My Career
Feel like you're stagnant? Break out - try that job you've always dreamed of

Start My Own Business
Pursue your passion! Small businesses are growing in the US - make yours one of them.,,id=99336,00.html

Buy a House
Join the ranks of homeownership. It's easier than you think.

Give Back to My Community
Use your gifts and talents for others. Think they'll benefit? Consider your own reward.

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